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Directors & Officers

Why is Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance important?

Changes to legislation introduced by the Companies act (2006) which came into force in early 2008, coupled
with a spate of high profile claims and strict regulation by UK and EU courts, have greatly increased the
personal risks involved in being a director of a UK business.

What are the risks you run without Directors and Officers Liability insurance?

A common myth is that a company’s limited liability status will protect directors against being sued by
shareholders, employees, clients or any of the other interested parties who may now sue due to changes in
legislation. Directors can be personally liable to defend any claims and their personal assets are now at risk. Even
their partner or spouse could be held liable. The consequence of such legal action can be devastating.

Directors should insure against being be sued by employees, shareholders, their own company,
creditors, regulators, customers, competitors, government or any one else who feels they have suffered a loss
arising from the director acting wrongly in their position. Cases can also be brought from a variety of sources.

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